The Global span of Ideas and Information creates a new eye on opportunity

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As the free-flying falcon enters the wind, the overall breadth of financial freedom spreads its wings in the new eye on opportunity that exits for the global span of ideas and in-formation. Especially on the Internet – the global marketplace – where ideas and information form the crust of productivity that spans the world of business and its interrelated scope of wealth-building possibilities.

The symbol of free-flight approach, “the falcon”, serves as the icon for the overall structure of the network of businesses and people that make up the expanding Network Home Solutions global enterprise.

From its humble beginnings in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, Network Home Solutions is in the process of spreading its wings to encompass other U.S. cities, and eventually plans to enter other friendly nations, as well.

To demonstrate the basic framework of the Network Home Solutions organization, the following chart indicates the fundamental structure of the network of companies


Network Home Solutions is a multi-service marketing and facilitation network of diversified business enterprises working together to create solutions for your real estate and general business needs. The network specializes in homes, with an alternative emphasis on all residential and commercial properties, general merchandise, financial offerings, media presentations, and other income-oriented products and services.

As an outreach utilizing everything, from Internet websites and print media, to business broadcasts and productivity seminars, Network Home Solutions spans the globe of services and information geared toward gaining wealth and building assets for the average person, while increasing the overall knowledge-base and functionality of the real estate acquisition and turnover markets across the country.

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