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1) To Buy or Rent a Property

List your information if you are looking to buy or rent a home. You can request specific amenities that you are looking for in purchasing or renting a home. If your requirements are met a member of the NHS network will be able to contact you directly to talk to you about a possible purchase or rental of a home. Join Now!!!

2) Loan Consultant/Property Management Companies

If you are a loan consultant or property management company you can list your buyers or renters information to help find them a home with specific amenities or requirements which they ask for. List your client’s information and start looking for a wide variety of homes all over the United States and the world. Sign up and just see how easy it is to make your client happy.

3) Selling or Renting a Property/Properties

List your property/properties for a buyer or an Investor to preview and to make an offer or list your property/properties for a renter to rent. For a fee Network Home Solutions will post its website and identity on a sign in front of your FSBO(for sale by owner) or FRBO(for rent by owner) property. There is a $50 refundable deposit each, with the refund being based on return in good condition.

3 Months: $60.00 per Property (up to 25 Photos and 1 Video Upload)
6 Months: $120.00 up to 5 Properties (UNLIMITED Photos, 1 Video Upload per Property)
4) Loan Originators

Earn extra cash. Become a loan originator with NHS, Full or Part time. LIFE TIME residuals can be earned. Earn up to $1000.00 per referral!

5) Property Locators

JOIN A GREAT OPPURTUNITY. Earn extra income. As a member you can list homes that you find for Network Home Solutions to preview. Earn up to $5000.00 per referral.

6) JPS Investments: An Affiliate Investment Company

The JPS Investment Company is actively seeking qualified Real Estate Investors for specialized transactions. Our company provides investors with an agreed return on their investment. You may not have the time or expertise to get into property or land investment on your own, but you do have cash to invest and want a satisfactory return on your money in a short time frame. Fill in the form and we will review your information and you will be notified by a Network Home Solutions Representative as soon as possible.
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