Head Spinning because you Need to Sell Your Home

But Don't Know To Count On?


Are you asking yourself these questions?

They are just a few Reasons to sell your house fast!

  • I need to stop foreclosure
  • I am behind in my mortgage payments
  • My mortgage payments too high
  • I already moved into a new home and need to sell your first house
  • My home repairs overwhelming you
  • I don't want the bother of leasing/renting my home to tennants
  • I am facing divorce and need to sell!
  • The death of a loved one or an estate sale
  • I want to sell my house fast, like yesterday?
These are typical problems we see on a daily basis. we've assisted a number of families here at Network Home Solutions. We've solved their real estate and financial problems and could help you as well.

1.Full Servive at Network Home Solutions:The $2,500.00 When Sold
You can recieve full service by using Network Home Solutions and have Maximum Exposure. Full service for less at Network Home Solutions! What we can do for you? Internet Marketing, Radio Exposure, Full Color Marketing Flyers, for sale sings included and lockbox installed. We will also negotiate for you to get you the best price and terms, help find financing for your buyer, oversee all the paperwork (escrow, title, inspections, appraisals). You will get follow through until you get your check. Our fee is payable at closing, only if the property is sold. $2500.00 fee applies to homes sold.
As a Member, you will have an UNLIMITED number of Properties available to list homes to sell or rent. In addition, you can contact other members for projects in which you may need to team up with other investors. You can communicate with homeowners for additional information on their listings. You will automatically recieve updated listings submitted by Sellers, Loan Originators, Renters, Buyers and other Investors.
1 Month: $50

2. SELL A PROPERTY: Single Property Listing:
  • 1 Month: $30 per Property (Up to 10 Photos each)
  • 3 Months: $60 per Property (Up to 125 Photos and 1 Video each)
  • 6 Months: $120 up to 5 Properties (Unlimited Photos, 1 Video per Property)
  • Add Network Home Solutions "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT" signs. There is a $50 refundable deposit each, with the refund being based on return in good condition.
You can list your Home for a Buyer or Renters or Investor to see and they can make an offer.
1 Month: $30

List your name for Free: Home Owners & Investors can contact you directly.
BUYING OR RENTING We can pre-approve you online. It's that easy! Click here to be Pre-Approved
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